Video Editing Desk and Over-bridge

ED-70  Video Editing Desk       Premium Series

This editing desk has 8 rack spaces available on the left, slanted at an optimum view toward the operator. It has the same feature on the right hand side. In addition the overbridge has 3 sections of 3 racks spaces each.  That is a total of 25 rack spaces that are in very close proximity and at eye level to the operator.   Even with all this rack space surrounding you, you still have a large worksurface which has not been taken.  In addition, you have the entire upper shelf  within easy reach.  There are 3 storage drawers on the left and 3 on the right as well.  The NG-100 accommodates all your cable management with a fully concealed, easily accessible chase system.   The overbridge rack area tilts up for rear access to equipment without having to remove it. (see picture below) 

This desk is available in a wide variety of finishes to match any decor.
The desk combines elegance and quality with rock solid performance.

Center Overbridge hinges up for quick easy access to the rear connections of your equipment.  All  your cables are easily accessible and fully concealed.

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