Technical Furniture

Technical furniture for computer intensive work environments.
The above furniture system allows for Ergonomic Placement of monitors and other equipment within easy reach of technicians.  Designcraft offers CPU storage and stacking solutions as well as comprehensive cable management. 
The system allows for concealment of cables and equipment, yet provides easy access for service and maintenance of the system. These features help ensure that your department will not face an unnecessary shut down in the event of minor system failures. Most cabling and equipment can be easily accessed while technicians remain active at their stations.

telemetry monitoring station monitor.jpg (62802 bytes)   telemetry monitoring station.jpg (71057 bytes)
Technical Monitoring Station               Computer workstation furniture            

Technical Furniture Monitoring Station

Technical Furniture workstation              Computer Cart

We design furniture workstations for a variety of technical and computer intensive type of environments.  Our designs help to keep your critical information and controls right at your finger tips and make your operations run more smoothly. In addition, we handle cable management, equipment access and equipment cooling as standard features. Our furniture is more pleasing to the eye than steel furniture and there are a wide variety of finish options to match your decor.


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