LR-4 Production Desk 
AG-230  On Air Guest Studio          MT-5   Master Talk Studio               LR-4 Production Desk

On air control room with large studio furniture system. This system features our premium grade wood detailing and accents.  Foreground shows large comfortable guest area with elegant curves and rich wood accents.     AR-130A black studio      
AR-130  On Air Studio Furniture      AR-130A   Black & Nat Oak           PD-20 Air/Production Studio

This studio is a talk studio in a major university radio station. The talk studio furniture enables the radio station to conduct controlled on air interviews while maintaining open visual contact with the guests while on air.     Radio production room studio furniture.  Production and broadcast consoles of all makes are supported. The furniture is designed for all your on air broadcasting needs as well as radio production room needs.      JT-12X Control Studio
TR-73  Oval Talk Table                   AR-80  Air / Production Studio         JT-12X Control Studio

Small Production Desk             Dura Tech Studio Furniture series.  Small stand up studio furniture system.      Dura Tech Furniture studio furniture.  Stand up design of on air control room with accomodation for limited number of guests.  Also features cutouts for various broadcast consoles and digital consoles.   
Small Production Desk                               VG-100 Studio                                 VG-100  Studio

Talk studio table.  An example of a studio furniture table in a radio station. The talk table houses the broadcast equipment necessary for their on air interviews.    Talk studio table. Studio furniture made to accomodate up to 6 guests for on air interviews. We manufacture the furniture to various dimensions and finishes.      Custom Talk Table Black and Natural Oak
TD-40  Talk Table                           Racetrack Talk Table                        EL-90 Elliptical Talk Table

 Studio-CL1.jpg (28219 bytes)    SE 120 top.jpg (54155 bytes)        
CL-220 Production Desk                  SE 120 Studio                             


UofM1.jpg (45813 bytes)   On air studio1.jpg (48671 bytes)
University Blue Radio                      University Blue and Deep Mahogany

Talk studio table. Interview table for on air interview room in a university radio station.  The table is used to provide support for on air or production interviews of up to 6 persons per session. We custom desing studio furniture for all your broadcasting needs.    This control room furniture is for live broadcasting on air.
Talk Studio Furniture - Corian            DURA TECH   On Air Studio


Radio production room with a straight studio furniture desk. This furniture is shown with a Wheatstone broadcast console in a small radio production studio facility.    Radio production room.  Straight studio furniture desk shown with the Mackie digital 8 buss console.  We accomodate a wide variety of broadcast and production consoles and various media and multimedia equipment.
On Air Straight Studio Desk              Straight Production Studio Desk       

radio production 1.jpg (53702 bytes)
  Production studio furniture.  Small studio for radio production.  We flush mount a variety of broadcast consoles and audio production consoles to meet your needs.
Small On Air Studio Guest Area         Production Studio A                

Broadcast furniture.  Studio production furniture.  Shown with custom mounted broadcast console.    On air control room studio furniture.  This is the main on air studio furniture in the radio station.
Broadcast Console Studio A            On Air Studio with Inset Console

Production room studio furniture.  Broadcast console and rack equipment shown.    
Blue Studio with full height Racks     Gray, black, and natural wood studio

Broadcast console shown in studio furniture design.    Bold corian studio furniture.  This on air studio has Corian worksurfaces.  We custom design and manufacture studio furniture for all your broadcasting and multimedia environments.
Mahogany w/ Broadcast Console        Corian On Air Studio  


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