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Designcraft begins manufacturing studio furniture.

Designcraft is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Grand Rapids is the birthplace of some of the most respected names in the furniture industry.  Much of the industry of our area is partnered and centered in furniture manufacturing. There is a knowledge base, a resource base, and human resource base in this area that has the capability of producing the best furniture available anywhere, and doing it competitively. Furniture is not made by machines. It takes qualified people with substantial training, who are conscientious and skilled.   In the early years, Designcraft made furniture as a vendor, for some of the most respected furniture names in the industry.  One of the items we manufactured was conference tables. We continue to offer conference tables today. Designcraft always met and surpassed these manufacturer's stringent quality requirements. Then in 1990, Designcraft began to partner with the Audio Broadcast Group (also located in Grand Rapids)  to build furniture for radio and television broadcast facilities nation wide. That partnership was characterized by both companies seeing "eye to eye" regarding quality, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.  Designcraft had the expertise to manufacture quality furniture.  Audio Broadcast Group has largely been credited with being the first company to introduce true "Broadcast Furniture" to the industry; (in the 1960's and 70's under previous management).  This was furniture produced expressly for the purpose of meeting the unique needs of broadcasters.   Through the partnership, Designcraft learned all the nuances of what it takes to produce the best furniture possible in form, function, and features, for professional broadcast applications. The partnership between the companies ended when Harris Corporation acquired the Audio Broadcast Group and redistributed the company's assets within the larger context of their operations.   At this point, Designcraft began to market it's furniture products independently.

We now have several standard models of furniture that are all available in 3 series. We have customization available on all of our furniture products.  Value is measured in terms of the quality of a product a customer receives for the money paid.  Designcraft  is unmatched dollar for dollar, for those seeking quality products for their facilities.

Designcraft product philosophy

"You have to draw the line somewhere"

Have you ever noticed how much cheezy junk (for lack of a better terms) has arrived on the scene that people are actually calling "furniture" ?   

I mean, it's getting so bad that if you put a few books on a shelf and go away for lunch and come back an hour later - you will find that the shelf has started to sag.   But they make you think you are getting a good deal because they send it to you in a cardboard box and make you put it all together yourself.  I think the mentality is:  "if you get involved with building it - you will be less likely to criticize it when it's done".

At Designcraft, we come from a background of respecting quality workmanship. A background that says: "when something is made right - it's going to last".  So in a nutshell that is what were committed to.  If you buy our products - they will last and be constructed well.    That is where we draw the line.

We do not offer any products that fall below that benchmark.  But not to worry, there are still a horde of companies that do exactly that!  There will always be someone selling something for less.  That is fine.  In the end, you get what you pay for.  We have put a program of products together for those on a budget, but it is our feeling that if you are buying products below that mark, you are throwing your money away.  You are purchasing a "mistake" and possibly a hard lesson in long term cost.  Make your dollars count.  Get it done right by Designcraft at a reasonable cost. 


Premium and Pro Standard studio furniture work surfaces
The photo above shows an example of our wood edge detail on Premium and Pro Standard systems. Some Premium studios have now been upgraded to a 2-1/2" hardwood edge detail.    In addition we offer the very bold look and solid feel of custom Corian worksurfaces.

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