Custom Audio Visual Furniture
Designcraft manufactures a variety of custom furniture for audio visual applications.
Here are a few examples of various media and av furniture that we have provided.
If there is a special piece you need to house your audio visual equipment, contact us
at the link below.

Mixing console desk featuring roll top style desks to house audio visual equipment for church sound systems.     Roll top desk with built in rack equipment cabinets to house all pro audio equipment for church sound systems
Roll top mixing console desk             Roll top desks for audio visual equipment

This roll top desk is a standard console desk used to house audio equipment for in house sound systems.   Wood rolltop mixing console desk    Double rolltop AV Cart
Roll top mixer console desk     Wood Rolltop Mixing Desk              Double rolltop AV Cart 

Sound Mixing Cart        Custom audio visual furniture made to hold audio visual equipment for university classroom setting       Custom audio visual cart to accomodate audio visual equipment for university classroom setting  
Sound Mixing Desk on Wheels     Custom av furniture     Audio visual and media carts    

telemetry monitoring pod in use.jpg (74985 bytes)
Technical Furniture workstations

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