Designcraft:  Straight Editing Desk


Straight Editing Desk

This editing desk incorporates a fully concealed chasewall for the full length of the desk which allows easy routing of all your cables while keeping them neatly concealed from view. The worksurface is steel reinforced for rock solid durability.  There are slots on the rear side of the desk allowing cables from the equipment on the shelves to be quickly and easily routed into the chasewall. The chasewall has room to mount electrical chase strips and standard sized punch blocks inside - out of view.
Includes 11 space roll out rack on fully swiveling and locking caster wheels. Rack can be placed either left or right.
Durable black T-molded bullnose edges are comfortable and impact resistant.
Finishes:  Walls and Cabinets - Gray     Worksurfaces and shelf:  Customer's choice from standard finishes (many finishes available)
Please contact us for pricing and sizes.

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