S-10 Television Control Console

S10Directors Desk Console

S-10 Television Control Console

The Designcraft S-10 Console is ideal for many television production and news room environments.
We will accommodate your production switcher as well as a host of other electronic components.  The S-10 consolidates your equipment in close user proximity with faces angled in an ideal position toward the operator.  It also allows for the operator to easily look forward beyond his own control area in order to view a monitor wall or other components in the room.   Designcraft can optimize the S-10 to fit your specific equipment requirements.

Upper turrets configured to your equipment needs.
Optimized viewing angles for operator comfort.
Fully concealed large capacity cable management - with very fast and easy access.
Rear access to all equipment rack areas for easy trouble shooting or changes.
All equipment areas convection cooled.
Very solid (steel reinforced) construction.
Available in a wide array of surface colors and wood finishes.


S-10 Television console
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