• Premium Series TR-73 "Sit Down" Elliptical Talk Table

  • Premium Series TR-73 "Sit Down" Showing optional headphone mounting locations.

  • Premium Series TR-73 "Stand Up" Showing a two tone wood finish: Maple and Cherry.

  • Pro Standard Series TR-73 Your Choice of vertical and horizontal finishes. Black T-molded edges.

The TR-73 Talk Table is an Oval shaped table designed for broadcast interview rooms. It offers flexibility of size depending on how much space you have to work in. There is a center riser that can accomodate your headphone controls and a removable top so that you have access to your internal wiring. This Table is available in Premium Series or Pro Standard Series. In each, you have a wide range of finish choices to choose from, ranging from many different wood-grans, to various colors and patterns to fit your own decor and taste.

  • Sit Down or Stand Up
  • Full Range of Finishes

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