• AG-230CST Circular Guest Area with Center Riser

  • AG-230CST Spacious Operator Console Surface

  • AG-230CST Includes Modesty Panel In Front of Operator

  • AG-230CST Compact Solution for Host and Guests

  • AG-230CST Compact Solution for Host and Guests

  • AG-230CST Spacious Operator Side

The AG-230CST comes as a response to our customers who need a compact format talk studio that will work in smaller rooms,and be affordable to purchase. This is a great studio for start ups and pod casts that are looking to setup in smaller spaces. This studio provides no rack space: assumed to be owner provided or NOT needed. It is solidly constructed with steel reinforced surfaces and support legs. The riser allows cable passage and is removable for access. The riser top is removable and yet sturdy enough to support Mic Boom mounting as needed.

  • Your Choice of Surface Finishes
  • Sit Down or Stand Up
  • Alternate versions available

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