• AG-230 Studio Premium Series

  • AG-230 Stand-Up Version: Premium Series

  • AG-230 Studio - Sit-Down - Premium Series

  • AG-230 Premium Series Customer selected "Woodgrain" and "Surface" finishes. Optional Storage cabinets shown. Note:Optional Headphone device locations on guest riser.

  • AG-230 Premium Series Customer selected "Woodgrain" and "Surface" finish. Customer requested No Riser at guest area - One centered Grommet.

  • AG-230 Premium Series Many Designer Surface Finishes and Woodgrains(full range) to choose from.

The AG-230 On-Air Guest Studio provides a comfortable talk environment for 3 - 5 guests. The semi circular guest area -somewhat centered to the room- lends itself toward a natural and comfortable guest arrangement. We have had very positive feedback from our customers on this design. The operator area is open and unrestricted with flexible options for rackspace and storage. The return wing can be lengthened or shortened as needed with cabinetry above or below depending on your needs. Also, note that this studio is available in a scaled back version for those on a limited budget. Browse the photos for examples. See "layouts" below for a few examples of AG-230 studios.

  • Sit Down or Stand Up Available
  • Left or Right Hand
  • Reduced Sizes Available
  • Full Range of Finishes
  • Limited Budget Version Available

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