• MT-5 Master Talk Studio With ample comfortable room for guests.

  • MT-5 Master Talk Studio Spacious Bi-Level Design Space for Headphone Devices in Guest Riser Face

  • MT-5 Master Talk Studio The Spacious Comfortable Talk Show Solution.

  • MT-5 Master Talk Studio Accented in BLUE ! !

  • MT-5 Premium Series Williamsburg Cherry and Milano Rosso Tops

  • MT-5 PRO-STANDARD SERIES Black PVC Bullnose Edges. Many Wood Grain and Color Finishes Available for this studio.

The MT-5 Studio incorporates a Bi-Level design that places the operator slightly above and centered to all the guests. The studio accommodates 4-5 guests comfortably and has a very open feel as well as an attractive curvilinear design. The MT-5 has been the choice for a Flagship Studio in many radio stations nationwide. Designcraft offers several variants of this Design, all available in a wide range of custom finishes including many wood grains, and designer surfaces.

  • Spacious comfortable seating
  • Generous Operator workspace
  • Full Range of Finishes Available

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